Who we are?

We are a leading Security Providers in Bangalore. We undertake to unload you of the burden and worries connected with all security and housekeeping
aspects of your institution by effective and reliable security and maintenance services through our trained personnel, who posses sound professional
knowledge, in vigilance, patrolling, gate controls searches, investigations and prevention of crimes by plugging loopholes and leave you free to devote the
time and energy thus saved in the promotion of your enterprise.
Smartly turned out in MODERN dress, our staff would immensely enhance the prestibe and charm of your institution. We being men of profession fully
recognize the significance of, and realize the implication of a dependable security system and it is exactly that, we promise you.

Visual Meridien Security Services is a Security Providers with over a decade of experience.

You can reach us for any of the required services.

Why Us?


“We are totally committed to giving you a quality, first class, Professional services without compromise to you or your company.”

We are all aware of the ever present and continually rising crime rate in our society. Therefore the need of the competitive and for competent security
service has never been greater than it is today. The traditional law enforcement agencies cannot meet the demands for the additional security that the
private sector is requesting. The result is an ever-increasing need for more competent qualified security companies.
Visual Meridien Security Service is an organisation committed to supplying quality professional individuals for guard services, executive protection
surveillance, industrial security, private investigation and event security.

And always Us…

Providing Solutions

“If we don’t take care of our clients, We know that someone else will”

We understand that the development of a long term relationship between client and vendor requires us to have knowledge of the clients industry, as well
as providing immediate access to our main office support, effective management teams and qualified and trained responsible security personnel. Our
success in the industry has come from our extensively trained security personnel backed by the supervision of our on staff. You and your client will be
thoroughly satisfied with our approach to effective management solutions, professional support, courtesy, patrols and qualitative service. Take time to
compare, we believe competition yields greater productivity.



The security unit to be deployed at your premises for duties may be decided with mutual consultations.


Our security personnel will perform duties on working schedule of 48 hours per week i.e. 8 hours per day and 6 days in a week. Relieving staff will be
provided by us at your cost on the day when the regular staff avail their weekly off, i.e. 1/6th of the wages will be charged extra towards providing relievers.


You will be responsible for providing and maintaining security covers like fencing walls, lights, proper gates fire alarms, emergency light, etc., to enable us
to make perfect security.


The validity of the contract will be for one year from the date of assuming charge of duties, extendable for any further period with mutual consent.


The contract can be terminated by either party by giving One Month’s notice or payment in lieu thereof. We are sure and confident that your good self will
certainly give us an opportunity to prove the efficiency of our services with your esteemed organization. We assure you that the money paid by you to us will
be well spent by way of an efficient service to be rendered by us.


With hard work and single-minded devotion to the profession by its staff the organization started to grow and over a period of less than two years it turned
into a sizable force.

It has since been growing by leaps and bounds. Catering to diverse needs of industrial and residential security of its esteemed clients, which include the
government, semi government, private firms and establishments. The organization has spilled its operations to other states, acquiring national
With a view to provide effective and reliable security the company has created cells each headed by trained ex-personnel from the army, the police or other
paramilitary forces as under.